Planning Your Graduation Party Photo Booth

Ah graduation: The capstone on years and years of study and toil. School is no joke—and neither are most school portraits (Well, except for these gems). For the most part, though, yearbook pictures and senior portraits never convey personality, let alone the sense of pure unadulterated elation that comes when you finally finish your degree.

Whether it’s high school, college, graduate school, trade school, or your dog’s 8-week obedience course that’s being completed, a party is definitely in order. And there’s no better way to capture the specific moment in time—along with all the pent-up celebratory emotion that’s finally able to burst out of everyone, like a stampede of super-studious wildebeests—than by having a Two Dudes photo booth at your grad party.

So! If you’re embarking on a graduation party photo booth, which you definitely should, here are some tips to keep in mind as you plan for the big event.


Decorate with School Colors

Using your school’s colors as the party theme colors is a great way to let everyone who comes to the party know: “This is a graduation party from [insert your school here]!” Or in other words, “HOLY CRAP I ACTUALLY FINISHED MY DEGREE!”

When it comes to the photo booth, go ahead and deck it out in your alma mater’s hues as well. Not only will it keep everyone who goes into the booth vibe-ing on a sense of communal achievement, it’ll come in handy years down the line when you’re reminiscing. The photos won’t look like shots from just any fun party—there will be no mistaking the circumstances surrounding this once-in- a-lifetime event, and viewing them will bring you right back to the moment.


Get Personalized Props

california photo booth

Channel your inner cheerleader and go big with the props. Foam fingers, bullhorns, celebration flags—whatever makes you think of your school is something you should request as props for your photo booth.

And to that end, channel your inner cheerleading captain by taking charge! Request specific props you want, and if the Dudes don’t have them already, we’ll likely be able to order them for no extra charge to you. (The Dudes have an ongoing addiction relationship with Ebay and Amazon.)

One of our favorite graduation parties was for an architecture student. We went all out with a whole architecture-themed prop set including blueprints and Corbusier glasses, so there was no mistaking what the party was celebrating.


Don’t Be Shy About Going Back for Seconds

Graduation parties, by their nature, have a touch of bittersweet to them. In this way they’re different than most other parties and events. You’re there with people you have grown super close to, and yet they often mark a moment in time right before people go their separate ways—some even moving to faraway places, like London, Dubai, or Sacramento.

A photo booth is both a fun activity to entertain party guests, and a keepsake-producer. So don’t hesitate to go for multiple photos of yourself with different combinations of your pals. 

This might be your last chance for a while!

Aww, sad. We know. But as Semisonic sang, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, yeahhh.” And new beginnings are just a heck of a lot easier to wade into when you’ve got a little something from the past to keep you company.

Congrats grads!