Tired of photo booths?
we get it.

When you choose an amazing venue for your event, and you're looking for something to entertain your guests and capture the incredible memories, a photo booth may sound like a decent option, but if you're like us, you know that there's got to be something better. And while our party booth may provide incredible images and tons of fun, let's face it - other clients will use the same backdrop at some point, and other photo booth vendors can go out and purchase those props...so why not try something truly unique? 

Our Anti-Booth™ portrait experience might just be the answer. Instead of using a flat, two-dimensional backdrop, we build a custom portrait setup using the environment at your venue as the backdrop.

The Dudes are masters of lighting and photography, and we love to shoot in all sorts of light conditions, making the Anti-Booth an option in both midday sun or the dark of night...or all the phases in between.

And if you want something more elaborate, we have relationships with Hollywood set builders and can build a fully custom experience, complete with walls, furniture, and/or special effects like snow, fog, or even rain. Anything is possible.

Either way, the Anti-Booth will provide you and your guests with a truly unique memory of the day - a portrait that can never be recreated.   

The Anti-Booth Package

$3,000 for 3-hours
$400/hr for additional time
Up to a maximum day-rate of $5,000

  • Custom professional lighting designed to make the most of your venue/environment

  • Instant sharing to email or social media

  • Custom vanity URL for easy sharing at your event 

  • Instant viewing on our HD televisions

  • Hosted online gallery for guests to download high-res images

NOTE: Custom sets and furniture are available for an additional charge; tell us about your event and we can brainstorm on how to make it incredible!