Q: Who are you two dudes? And where do you come from?

A: After years of photographing weddings, babies, and fancy fashion models (basically babies, but taller), we decided that the event industry needed an option that was more fun and focused on quality and value, not on cheap gimmicks and amateur photography.

Q: What makes you so special?

A: Our mom said so.

 And we have lots of photographic experience, lots of high end gear to make you and your friends look super-fab, and we're, like, pretty fun to hang out with. 

 ...at least that's what our mom said.

Q: Yes, but why are your services so much better than the standard headshot guy, photo booth, event photographer?

A: Remember when we said we used to take pictures of fashion models? Well, all of that studio gear and expertise is now going to be funneled into delivering magazine-quality experiences in everything we do. 

Our deal is quality. Quality portraits. Quality photo booths. Quality headshots. Quality event photos - who bills themselves as a quality photographer these days? Sadly, not enough folks!

Q. What is an "open-air" photo booth? I'm not familiar with this wonderful contraption you speak of... 

 A. We've heard this a lot, so we actually wrote a little behind-the-scenes blog post to show you what we look like in action!

Q: What kind of events do you do?

A: If there are people there, we can make it more fun. We do tons of corporate events, birthday parties, festivals, weddings, and even make occasional appearances at bars & clubs. 

The Dudes are also fans of good causes; if you are planning a non-profit (or similar) event, contact us and we can probably work out a special rate.


Q: What does an "open air" photo booth look like?

A: Like this:

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes! We have event liability insurance for up to $4 millllllion dollars!

How could we possibly do $4M in damages, you ask? Beats us, but it sounds like one heck of a party! 

Q: Ok, I'm sold. Where do I sign up?


A: Drop us a note to let us know when your event is, and we'll get right back to you to sort out the details!

...then bask in the knowledge that you are an event planning GENIUS! 

Q. Do you do regular wedding photography too? 

Yes! Several of our current and former dudes/dudettes are experienced wedding photographers; check out their pages here: