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Planning Your Graduation Party Photo Booth

Ah graduation: The capstone on years and years of study and toil. School is no joke—and neither are most school portraits (Well, except for these gems). For the most part, though, yearbook pictures and senior portraits never convey personality, let alone the sense of pure unadulterated elation that comes when you finally finish your degree. If you’re embarking on a graduation party photo booth, which you definitely should, here are some tips to keep in mind as you plan for the big event.

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los gatos high school annual benefit auction

The Los Gatos High School NMF is a non-profit group that raises money to improve the experience of all the kids at Los Gatos High School in San Francisco's South Bay.

This time, for their 13th annual benefit auction, they stepped up the game and brought in our open air photo booth to liven up the party and loosen up people's wallets before the big auction. They came, they laughed, they took awesome photos, and then they paid up...for the kids. Everyone wins! 

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