Another Stage in the Dudes’ Plan for Total World Domination Complete

New research shows that party booths are more popular than DJ’s, and we have to say we’re not the least bit surprised.

As Dudes and Dudettes, we’ve grown accustomed to being the center of attention at parties. What can we say? We’re super fun, we’re outgoing, and we bring tons of props and costumes with us wherever we go. It’s a no-brainer that we’re everyone’s favorite place to be at parties. 

It’s always nice to get proof, though. The Homecoming Queen is only Homecoming Queen because she’s voted in, you know. And we’re excited to say: The proof is in! We are the Homecoming Queen!

Research released this week by Vancouver, Canada-based photo booth company/honorary Dudes Forever Captured shows that photo booths are now more popular than DJ’s at weddings, parties and other super special fun-happy-time events. 

The research, which uses Google Trends to track online searches, found than in 15 major cities across the US and Canada, more people each month are searching for photo booth rentals than for DJ services. Traditional wedding photographers still top the searches, but the numbers show that more and more brides and grooms want to add a repertoire of silly, costumed looks to their wedding albums. And who could blame them? Silly, costumed looks make for amazing photos! 

Photo booths beat out DJ’s in San Francisco, and in our neighbors to the south—Los Angeles—photo booth searches topped both DJ’s and traditional wedding photographers. 

The Dudes do wedding photography too, and in general think “regular” photos and photo booth photos compliment each other well. Party booths are more than just photos—they’re also a gathering place and a fun thing for people to do. (The Dudes definitely have nothing against dancing, but we know that sometimes it’s nice to, you know, do something else for a while.)

We’re glad to see that more and more of the country thinks so too!

Here’s a nifty graphic created by Forever Captured to show the results: