5 Ways To Get the Most Out Of Your Wedding Photo Booth

group photo at wedding photo booth

Dudes and Dudettes, guess what? Wedding Season (yes, we decided that’s a proper noun) is nearly upon us! And if you’re here reading this right now, it likely means you’re planning on having a Two Dudes photo booth at your wedding—or you’re at least considering it (and if you’re undecided, click here). 

So, first things first: Hey, you’re getting married! Congrats! Look at you! You are in love and making it happen! Everyone said it wasn’t possible but looks like it is!!! Mad props to you! You’re on a roll. Not only are you getting married to the love of your life, you’ve booked The Dudes, which is the best decision anyone can make. GREAT JOB, YOU. 

OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us move on to practical matters. How can you get the utmost bang for your buck out of your Two Dudes photo booth experience? Well, we’ve got some suggestions:

1. Make Sure You Take Photos In The Booth

wedding photo booth in napa

This one seems like a no-brainer but you have no idea how many wedding guests, hopped up on lovey-dovey vibes (and also alcohol), forget that one of the most fun parts about getting married is looking at the photos later. Before the big day, let everyone you’re inviting know there will be a photo booth at your wedding and if they care about you at all they will use it!


2. Make Sure You Take Photos In The Booth

bride and groom wedding photo booth

At the risk of repeating ourselves, we're going to repeat ourselves...as awesome as it is to have professional portraits taken at your wedding, remember that the photo booth is for you too! Don’t let your Cousin Jenny and Uncle Todd and College Roommate LeRoy have all the fun—get in there! When the big day is over and you’re looking back on the photos, you’ll want to make sure there are some of you and the love of your life wearing silly hats. 


3. Share Your Wedding’s Theme With Us

Every wedding is different! One of the best things about The Dudes is that we care about you and, because of that, we’re happy to customize our props and colors to match the themes you choose for your wedding. 

Get in touch with us before the big day and let us know what you’d like to see in the booth. Feel free to ask us for what you want—you’re likely to get it! (Live unicorns notwithstanding.) 


4. Location, Location, Location

fun wedding photo booth san francisco

The Dudes’ open-air photo booth is not just about the photos. It’s first and foremost a fun activity and social hub. Making sure it’s located in a visible and easily accessible spot (close to the dance floor and the bar, not off in its own corner somewhere) will make your guests more likely to take advantage. Plus—the fact that it’s open air means that if there are some guests who may prefer to sit and watch other people make fools of themselves in the booth, but not partake themselves (Grandma.), locating it centrally makes that possible. In that way the booth is fun for both active users and spectators, just like extreme sports.


5. Optimize Scheduling 

bridal party wedding photo booth sonoma

Math time, folks. Here’s the deal: The standard Two Dudes photo booth experience gets you 3 hours for $2,000. (We don’t believe in being secretive about our rates.) Beyond that, additional active photo booth time is priced at $400 an hour. However, sometimes you’ll want photos during cocktail hour at the start of the evening and dancing later on—with a break in between for dinner. In that case, consider hiring us for an idle hour or two, at the discounted $200 an hour rate. That way you’re able to get a lot of coverage without spending an arm and a leg. (We find that disembodied limbs don’t make the best photo booth props.) 


In Summary

You are in love. You are getting married. You are clearly a very intelligent individual, as evidenced by your decision to have the premiere photo booth in the San Francisco Bay Area at your wedding. And now you’ve got the inside scoop on how to make the most of it. The only thing left to do is say ‘Cheese!’