the mullet

During our travels around the country, we made several interesting observations:

  • People are reticent about putting a horse mask on in a photo booth at 9am, when there is NOT a mimosa/bloody mary bar
  • All morning events should have a mimosa/bloody mary bar
  • With the absence of a mimosa/bloody mary bar, people still love having their portrait taken, as long as it's under the guise of "updating their headshot"
  • Once people have taken a good headshot, they are ready to put on a horse mask, even at 9a

Yes, we found that the lure of a good headshot was enough to wrangle even the sleepiest and most modest of folks, but inevitably, the sequence of shots always went something like this:

Step 1

Subject takes first headshot, then says "wow that looks great!"

Step 2

Subject forgets about subsequent headshots and quickly becomes distracted by rubber chicken and pharaoh hat.


What we realized was that our setup was capable of taking AMAZING headshots (well, duh), but people still wanted to have fun, because, well, our photo booth is built for fun. So, what would we do to make both possible?

Well, we came up with something we affectionately call "the Mullet".  

professional headshot booth

When we flew into Seattle for a huge Surface Pro 3 launch at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, we setup a glorious headshot station where people first walked in. We had three different backdrops in one place and an adjustable light, so each person could get three completely different headshots tanding in one spot.  

This warmed people up to the process, and created some amazing results as well; check em out -->

Once they stepped out of the booth, picked up their print and emailed the headshot to themselves, we sent them on their way to the party booth in the back!

san francisco photo booth; best photobooth in SF
photo booth at Microsoft corporate party

Business in the front, party in the rear...the mullet is the perfect package for any corporate event.